Additional income
for a tour guide

  • You keep doing your job, and in the meantime recommend a hotel booking service with great prices
  • This brings you a bonus that is credited to your personal account, plus you help your clients get 1-3% reward back from their hotel booking.
  • Create your own service - it only takes 5 minutes - and start receiving your bonuses!
  • Keep working like you used to and get a passive income on top!
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How does this work?

Your service in 5 minutes

You register on our website (it's simple and free!) and create your service in just 5 minutes on our subdomain or your own domain.

Your service in 5 minutes
Simple management
Simple management

You'll get access to your service profile, where you'll be able to see statistics on bookings and your account, from which you can cash out immediately in a convenient way.

Additional income

Recommend the service to your clients and get an additional income. You won't need a lot of time for that. For example, it will take you only a few seconds to paste the link into an Email to your client.

Additional income
Fast and simple search
Fast and simple search

You make a good impression on your clients and help them find a good hotel, which will satisfy their demands.

Assistance in promotion

We take care of all the technical moments, the conversion and the marketing content.

Assistance in promotion

Why do
we guarantee
your profit?


You communicate with
potential clients, who are looking
to book a hotel.

Clients Support
Clients support

This is your target audience
that needs help looking
for comfortable accommodation.

Simple Search
Simple search

People want to book hotels
at favorable prices
and in a convenient manner.


You provide such a service
for them and get a reward for
each successful hotel booking.

How does the service work?

For instance, let's pull some average data from our statistics and make a sample calculation:


50 clients
per month
15 people from the website
35 people from direct messages
Total: 50 clients per month


cost – $500


You keep 1% from every
successful booking

Let's calculate: 50 * 500 * 1% =
$250 per month

Note that your earnings can vary down- or upward depending on the activity of your clients.

Your clients
will be happy!

Thanks to you, they are saving their time, nerves and money

They will earn 1 to 3% back from their hotel booking

How can you attract clients?

Via direct messages
Via direct

You set up a tour with your client in an email and leave the link to the service at the end of the message.

Through personal recommendations
Through personal

Recommend your service personally, so that your clients can book a hotel at great prices.

Через собственный сайт
Through your
own website

Insert the link or the hotel search widget into your website. This will lead to numerous reservations.

Through social networks
Through social

Create thematic groups or promote your link on your personal profile

Why is it so great to work with us?

A time-tested free service

A time-tested free service for you, trusted by thousands of people

Personal clients - potential booking clients

Your personal clients are the potential booking clients

Passive income

Development of your business can bring you a passive income in the future

All the instruments

We provide all the instruments and a website for the launch and promotion of your business

Customer support 24/7

Customer support 24/7

Attractive cooperation terms

We offer attractive cooperation terms and efficient solutions for you and your clients

No special knowledge

You don't need any special knowledge or experience to get revenue from every booking